about us

Redolent Wine is a collaboration between Jon Larson and Boyd Pearson, with consulting winemaker John Grochau.

The quick story is a vineyard owner (David Polite) contacted a wine salesman (Boyd Pearson) who enlisted a brewer (Jon Larson) and a winemaker (John Grochau) to help make a single vineyard Pinot Noir. Call it a lucky break. Call it providential. Call it propitious. We just hope you call it delicious! Like the seasons, life comes full circle, and you get through it with a little help from your friends. Redolent Wine is the result of great vineyards and great friendships.

When it comes to the winemaking for Redolent Wine, we aim to be minimalistic with our approach. We attempt to simply be stewards of the metamorphosis from grapes into wine. While we are not dogmatic about any particular practice and will always do what we think is best to make the best possible wine that is still redolent of place, our general philosophy is below.   

Natural Native Small Fermentations – never inoculate with commercial yeasts. No augmentations or additions like enzymes, fining agents, gum arabic, tannins, oak dust, etc. Natural spontaneous malolactic fermentations. No new oak